6m Amp for sale: Harris Channel 2 Solid State Amplifier Module

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6m Amp for sale: Harris Channel 2 Solid State Amplifier Module

W7GJ, Lance
Before I advertise this more widely, I wanted to announce it here and see if anyone
is interested.  I am liquidating this to help fund a new M2 6M-1000 DXpedition amplfier.

FOR SALE:  Harris Channel 2 solid state 50 VDC amplifier module.  Has extensive built
in fault protection.  Requires about 8 watts drive for 800w output on 6m. I can
provide instructions and manual.  You would need to supply:

1. 46 to 52 VDC power supply at about 35A.
2. 2 coaxial relays to switch amp in and out of the circuit
3. Four high volume 5" square "muffin fans" to set on top of the heat sinks for cooling.

Asking $450.  Will provide relay switching for an additional $75. Will provide 3KW 50
VDC power supply for an additional $40.  Prefer pickup, but will ship at buyer's
expense.  Box can be sent UPS and weighs around 40 pounds.  Typical trans-continental
UPS shipping cost is around $75.

See you on 6m!!  VY 73, Lance
Lance Collister, W7GJ (ex: WN3GPL, WA3GPL, WA1JXN, WA1JXN/C6A, ZF2OC/ZF8, E51SIX)
P.O. Box 73
Frenchtown, MT  59834  USA
TEL: (406) 626-5728
URL: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj
2m DXCC #11/6m DXCC #815

Interested in 6m EME?  Ask me about subscribing to the MAGIC BAND EME email reflector!
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