Baby Black Widow Paddle for your KX1

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Baby Black Widow Paddle for your KX1

Here's a neat new little paddle that bolts right up to the front of your KX1
and works as a separate paddle with other rigs...  I love mine!

73 john k5js

This is a new product announcement for a light weight, high quality,
portable paddle.  This paddle  was designed to fit the Elecraft KX1
transceiver.  However, it can also be used as a portable paddle for any
radio.  This paddle is very similar to the PFR-3 BBW paddle I announced two
weeks ago.  The main difference is the front bracket.   The base measures 2
inch x 3 inch.  The base is black anodized aluminum.  The front bracket
(which fits the KX1) is also anodized aluminum.  This keeps the weight down
to 7.5 ounces for the entire paddle.  The paddle arms, contact posts,
tension bar, and posts are made of brass.  All parts are machined on CNC
milling machines.  The heavier brass arms help prevent contact bounce.  Most
keyers are very forgiving of contact bounce but some of the high speed
keyers are not forgiving at all.  The arms ride on ball bearings just like
the Black Widow paddle for a very smooth feel.  In fact, this paddle shares
many of the design concepts of the Black Widow.  Because of the
similarities, the new paddle has been named the KX1 Baby Black Widow (or KX1
BBW Paddle for short).  The contacts are the same silver plated screws as is
used by the Black Widow.  Like its big brother, this paddle comes as a kit.
However, since the base and bracket are anodized, there is less finishing to
be done.  I have tried to hold costs down so that most everyone can own one
of these paddles.  This paddle sells for $46.50 shipped in the USA with
payment via paypal.  If you send me a MO or check, the paddle price is
$39.95 + $4 shipping in the US.  I ship via 1st Class Mail.  More
information and ordering for all my paddles can be seen at:

I have rebuilt my web page a bit so that you can select "Paddles for Sale"
off of my main page.

Due to some manufacturing delays, I cannot start shipping these paddles
until about next Wednesday.  I have a limited supply (25) of these paddles
for sale.  Based on my sales, I will determine how many to reorder.

As always, I thank you for your support.

73, Jerry W5JH
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