Convert a K1 board from 17 to 15m ?

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Convert a K1 board from 17 to 15m ?

Paul Kirley
I believe that you need only to change KFL1-4 crystal X1 from 29.000 MHz to
26.050 MHz, then realign both 17M and 20M.

I'm guessing that you didn't save the extra crystal when you assembled the

You can ask [hidden email] if they would sell the crystal separately, or
get one (with some other parts) in the standard KFL1-2 modification kit K1B17:
Cost is $7.50 plus shipping the latter way.

73, Paul W8TM
K1 850, K3 1322

W1FMR asked:
>  I would like to operate 15m but my 4 band K1 is wired for 17m.
>  Should I build another 4 band module or is there a better or simpler way  ?

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