Difficulty assigning a macro to PF1 key

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Difficulty assigning a macro to PF1 key

I would like to assign a macro that loads a frequency range then begins a scan for 20m CW with a PF key. I believe I have a workable macro but when I assign it to a PF key it does not run.

I did the following;

1. Assigned a frequency to VFO A (14000.000) and VFO B(14070.000) and mode = CW to memory position 20 in the KX3.

2. Wrote a macro (macro 1 labeled SCAN 20) in the KX3 utility as follows , MC020;SWH10; this should set the frequency for VFO A and B to the value in memory 20 then execute the SCAN button.

3. The macro works if I execute it with the utility, that is the frequency gets set and the SCAN begins.

4. I saved and wrote the macros to the KX3 with the utility.

5. If I assign it to PF1 by selecting MACRO X in the menu, then pressing 1 to indicate Macro 1 then press PF1 to assign the macro then clear the menu. If I press PF1 the VFO B space displays the macro name ( SCAN 20) but it does not change the freq or start the scan. I got the above procedure from Cady's book at page 67.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I have MCU version 01.87 and DSP 01.28

Tnx for your help.

Jim - W9JFB