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Elecraft W2 on 70MHz band

Iain Kelly
Greetings list,

I recently added the W2 to monitor the power output at M0PCB on HF and
VHF with the K3 and amplifiers. For this it is great, I particularly
like the speed at which it reacts to the output power.

I am in the process of adding an external transverter so i can make use
of my K3 and P3 on the 70MHz band, and that got me thinking about the W2.

1) I know the DCHF-200a is specified to 54MHz but how would the unit
perform up to 70.5MHz?

2) As I already have the DC2000a and DCV/U-200a sensors attached is
there an easy way to add a third sensor to the set-up? I realise I could
add another W2 to the shack but that seems overkill and I can certainly
more easily justify a 3rd sensor above a 2nd W2 at the present time.

Will try to look out for any responses to the list, but I use the daily
digest and am prone to skim reading ;-)

Many thanks for any input, and thanks to Elecraft for a great radio.

73, Iain M0PCB
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