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For Sale - Elecraft KX1

geoff allsup
I have an Elecraft KX1 for 40-30-20 meters (KXB30 installed for 30 meters).

- KXAT1 autotuner also installed.

- an unbuilt KXB3080 30M/80M adapter is included.

Also included are the following items:
- Whiterook MK-44 paddle&  cable
- Koss earbuds
- Dual binding post to BNC adapter
- Fiberglass hard case with foam

All in excellent condition - asking $400 including shipping CONUS.

geoff - W1OH

Geoff Allsup, W1OH          [hidden email] or [hidden email]
Senior Engineer                 Upper Ocean Processes Group
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution      Woods Hole, MA, USA

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