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Fwd: Has my KPA500 failed?


I shorted the line to the amp and sure enough the * shows up. Hooked the line backup to the Flex and still no *. So something has gone wonky in the Flex. Thanks for the help!


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> Have been using my KPA500 almost daily for two months with my Flex-5000. The last time I used it was last night (2/5) and it shut down like normal.
> Powered up the rig and the amp as I heard 9Y4LS on 18 and could use him on SSB. Hit OPER and then Tune on my rig. Hmm, 25 watts in and 25 watts out of the KPA?? Switched to 20 meters and hit tune again. Still 25 watts out and the band display stayed where it started which was 3.5. Powered down the rig and amp, powered both back up but still getting the same result. And there are no faults showing. Looked in the user manual but nothing there seems to apply.
> So as of now I am not getting any power out and it does not switch bands.
> Anyone have any thoughts on these issues?

Sounds like it's not getting keyed? This happened to someone else a
few weeks ago, and he found that a cable had come loose ;)

    ~iain / N6ML

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