Harris Platinum I Channel 2 TV amps for 6m - Status update

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Harris Platinum I Channel 2 TV amps for 6m - Status update

W7GJ, Lance
All outstanding orders have now been filled. 10w typically produces around 800 to
900w output on 6m; around 25w input typically produces around 1300w output on 6m.  I
still have 10 amps left, and will start to advertise them next month if any are left
by then:


I will continue to update the above web page with more notes and suggestions and
photos as appropriate, and will indicate on that page when they are "sold out".  If
you know of some barefoot 6m operator overseas who is in need of power, please have
him contact me.  Although most of the amps sent out so far have been shipped via
insured UPS here in the USA, I have sent out 11 of these amps so far to foreign

GL and CU on 6m!  TNX and VY 73, Lance
Lance Collister, W7GJ
P.O. Box 73
Frenchtown, MT   59834-0073
TEL: (406) 626-5728
QTH: DN27ub
URL: http://www.bigskyspaces.com/w7gj
Windows Messenger: [hidden email]
Skype: lanceW7GJ
2m DXCC #11/6m DXCC #815

Interested in 6m EME?  Ask me about subscribing to the Magic Band EME
email group, or just fill in the request box at the bottom of my web
page (above)!
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