Hiccups with an older K1 and a new KFL1-4

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Hiccups with an older K1 and a new KFL1-4

Ken Alexander-2
Hi Folks,

I purchased a second hand K1 a few weeks ago and am in the process of
installing a new KFL1-4 that I just finished building.

The K1 is serial number 00863.  The RF board is Rev. D and and the unit
is equipped with MCU 109E, which I think is the latest firmware version.

The hiccups:

1.  I didn't have the Errata sheet in front of me and managed to install
all of the trimmer capacitors on the KFL1-4 board backwards.  The
trimmers have two flat sides, not one (which was confusing...without the
Errata in front of me).  I read that the adjusting screw is to be on the
side that connects to ground.  Thinking I was a smart guy, I used an
ohmmeter to determine which trimmer terminal that was...and I still
managed to get it wrong!  Anyway, I used a non-metallic screwdriver to
do the alignment and all went well.  That said, is there any reason why
I should remove and re-install (or just replace) the trimmers now?

2.  All went well when I did the 4-Band Transmitter Alignment on page 19
of the KFL1-4 manual except that output on 15m is approximately 200 to
300 mW on the K1's internal and an external wattmeter.  Output on all
other bands was 2+ watts.  Output on 15m remains at 200 to 300 mW even
when I increase the power to 5W.  All other bands are OK.  Low output is
covered in the Troubleshooting section, but not that I can see when it's
only 1 band out of 4.  Any thoughts?

3.  I didn't get the original manual with the K1 and there are several
differences between the Rev. D RF board and the manual I downloaded from
the Elecraft website.  The Rev. D RF board doesn't have a place for S2
(for transmitter offset adjustment).  However, there appears to be a
location for a switch at the front of the board, on the bottom and
immediately behind the P1 header.  Same thing?  Just in a different

Many thanks for any assistance!


Ken Alexander
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