High power Amplifier for QRP Rig

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High power Amplifier for QRP Rig

Doug K6JEY

   I have for sale a "Jumbo 240DX" HF amplifier with Rx RF amp stage. It
is in its original box. I just tested it on 10m (45watts out)through
160m (80w output) with 4.5watts drive. It says that it will do 240w PEP
output at max drive. I am also including a filter board from a TS 440S.
This has dc switched filters for all the ham bands and an SWR coupler on board. Easy to mount and daisy chain with the amplifier. I did not
check the amp at high power but assume it is fine. It is about the same
size and layout as an RF Concepts VHF 100w amplifier. Takes standard
13.5vDC input.
Asking $250 plus shipping. Ok in QRZ.com Accept Pay Pal. It is a pretty amp in great condition that will add a lot of zing to your QRP signal when you need it.

  Doug K6JEY  Long Beach, CA 90806
Dr.Doug Millar EdD.
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