How to turn off the KPA500?

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How to turn off the KPA500?

At the risk of embarassing myself I am curious as to how folks are tuning off their KPA500. That is, do you just use the front panal button or both the front panel botton and the rear panel rocker switch, once the fan stops?

I understand the need for both, that the fan won't run and deplete the power supply without power from the rear rocker switch. But are people leaving the rear switch on when done for the night?

Also, should we run the KPA500 through a surge protector? With the current draw, it would probably be a dedicated surge protector. At the moment I have it plugged directly into the wall. All my other equipment, except an Alpha that uses 230v, is surge protected. i unplug the Alpha when off air for a long time or when an electrical storm is brewing.

Not a big issue. Just curious what is the best operating practice here.

Fred, K3BHX