Important List Guideline - Keep it Polite, Respectful and Brief

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Important List Guideline - Keep it Polite, Respectful and Brief

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ
As per our Elecraft list guidelines, it is inappropriate to post and say
someone should -not- have made a posting, or to directly criticize
someone for making ANY posting. I've seen several inappropriate posts
recently - especially the ones condemning someone for mentioning that
they like to sweep the band in TX.

Its OK to point out that something is illegal or inappropriate, if done
It is NOT appropriate to threaten going to the FCC, etc.

This is an open forum focused on Elecraft products, their use and other
ham radio topics (within reason), but it -is- moderated. It is not a
free for all. (See the newsgroups for an example of
a free-for-all..  ;-)  In general I try to moderate with the lightest
hand possible and not to censor or limit list postings. But that
requires your cooperation and thoughtful tolerance of others.   I run
our daily business at Elecraft, so I may not always jump in a quickly as
some would like. I also even get weekends off from time to time ;-)

In general, please treat -everyone- on the list as if they were a close
friend that you were -politely- speaking to face to face. Personal
criticisms, threats etc are in direct contradiction to the list
guidelines. Please also make the -minimum- number of postings possible
and please keep them short. It never is necessary to vote 'me too' etc.

As always, if you have a concern about a posting, please email the
moderator  (me).  I may not respond to all of those emails directly, but
I do read all of them.

73, Eric WA6HHQ
Elecraft List Moderator (and modulator..)

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