JA customers may now buy direct from Elecraft and from their local distributor

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JA customers may now buy direct from Elecraft and from their local distributor

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ
We have recently updated our website so Japan customers can now order
directly form the Elecraft web page at

In addition to ordering direct from Elecraft via this web order page,
all customers outside the U.S. may also order Elecraft products through
several factory authorized non-exclusive distributors outside of the
U.S. These distributors provide excellent local support and service for
our products.

Japan: (EDC)  - Distributor, Japanese Manuals
Shigehiro Kinoshita, JA8CCL, at EDC is a very experienced Elecraft
technical expert and offers excellent sales and support on our products
to his customers. He has over 12 years of experience with Elecraft products.

Germany and Europe: The QRP Project (Peter Zenker, DL2FI), (Distributor
- also German Manuals)
Peter and his staff also speak excellent English, provide technical
support, German manuals and Elecraft authorized repair services to their
customers. They offer extended warranties on Elecraft products that they

Italy and Europe: Carlo Bianconi (Distributor and authorized European
Elecraft Warranty Service Center)
Carlo and his staff speak excellent English and also provide Elecraft
authorized repair services both for in-warranty and after warranty
service on products bought from Carlo and also for products bought
directly from Elecraft.



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