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K1 #2994 ON THE AIR

stan levandowski
Just finished the first contact with UA1CE on 20M with the new K1 at 5
watts into a 44' doublet.

I take back all my negative first impressions of the K1.  It's right up
there in quality with all the other Elecraft products.

The initial "lousy and noisy receive" is an interesting case-in-point.
Somehow, I managed to plug the 4 band filter into J7 and J6 but managed
to miss J8!  The clearance between J8 and the BNC is marginal and, with
the sides on, I managed to miss J8.  I'm amazed that it worked at all
and I didn't get the error message advising that the filter board was
not plugged in.  Now, my K1 receiver is hearing the same weak signals as
my K2 and K3.  Wonder if I have earned the distinction of being the
first one to pull this stunt?

The lack of RF output was transformer T4. During installation I managed
to cross two leads underneath the core.  Since T4 is mounted flat and
right on the board this error became invisible until I finished
debugging everything else over two and a half days and was pretty much
left with a defective T4 as the only likely cause.  I was simultaneously
relieved and angry when I desoldered T4 and saw those crossed wires.

The "scratchy and rough" VFO pot is going to be replaced, by Richard in
Parts, with a"smooth and creamy" one and for that I am very

All-in-all, this looks like it's going to be a fun little rig to add to
my Elecraft inventory.

Think I'll use it in the NAQCC Sprint tonight.

73, Stan WB2LQF
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Re: K1 #2994 ON THE AIR

Congratulations!  I just last Saturday put my new K1 #2997 on the air.  
It is truly every bit as nice as the stories I have read and heard.  I also have
an FT-817 and an FT-857.  Both are very nice all mode rigs, but the
K1 receiver sensitivity and selectivity eclipses the performance of
 those rigs.  I won't get rid of either, but there is something very special
about the K1.  I know you will enjoy the rig as much as I.  Congratulations
and good DX!


Mike Narges WF8O
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Re: K1 #2994 ON THE AIR

Great going Stan,

Good to hear your rx problem resolved.

Almost done with K1 #3009 and looking forward to getting on the air.

Best regards