K1 Filter with 10 & 12M?

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K1 Filter with 10 & 12M?

Back in 2006 a few folks mentioned building KFL1-2 boards for 12 & 10M.  In
a response, N6KR mentioned "Given your success on these bands, there's the
possibility of a future KFL1-4H option ("H" for "high bands"): a version of
the 4-band K1 module that covers some combination of 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20

K1 is probably low on Elecraft's agenda, but I for one would welcome a
KFL1-2 option for 12 & 10M.  The mentioned KFL1-4H would be even more
attractive.  I own a K2, but my little K1 still gets a lot of use especially

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