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K1 SN#1945 for sale

Eugene Worth

I'm consolidating radios. I have a K1, serial number 1945. I built the radio, aligned it, and set all the filters using Spectrogram. Works like a champ.

It is in "like new" condition. It has been lovingly and rarely used. Non-smoking ... and never seen the outside of the shack. Here are the options:
4-bands (40, 30, 20, and 17) [I still have the crystal for 15M. I will send it with the radio.] I built it with the 80kHz tuning range.
Original manual and my building notes and checks.
KAT1 (auto tuner)
KNB1 (will come separately ... It has been built but not installed in the radio)
K1BKLTKIT (backlight kit)
KTS1 (Tilt stand)

All told, if you were to purchase the kits for this radio, it would cost you $620.00. Make a good offer and let's talk. US mailing addresses only. I will ship insured USPS Priority Mail. You will pay what it costs me for shipping ... $22.00.

Please email off list. I will be happy to send you some pictures of the rig.

eworth ... at ........ spamcop ......... dot ....... net



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