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K1 for sale - mint condition

Craig Smith
Doing some shack simplification, and have decided to sell my K1.  This rig
has been a joy to use on my infrequent portable operations, but I'm loosing
interest in the portable scene since working out an effective antenna setup
here in spite of the HOA restrictions.

The K1 is in mint condition both electrically and cosmetically.  I bought
and built it in 2007.  Light usage on a few well-protected portable outings
and stored in my non-smoking shack since then.  Just checked it out, and it
works great.  One modification was made during the construction.  Instead of
the barrel connector for the DC input, I used a 6 inch pigtail terminated in
a standard PowerPole connector.  This makes it easy to connect to either
battery or shack 12V power.

This is a 4 band unit set up for 40, 30, 20 and 15 meters.  Accessories
included are the dial backlight, tilting stand and finger dimple for the
tuning knob.  Current kit price for this is $467.

Power output at 13.8 V is 6.53W on 40, 6.04W on 30, 5.57W on 20 and 5.90W on
15. Tuning range covers the lower 85 KHz of each band.  Extra parts for
modifying 15 meter coverage to 17 meters and changing the tuning range are
included as well as all the manuals and documentation.  

Price is $370 via PayPal which includes insured USPS Priority Mail shipping
to your lower 48 US address.  Contact me directly via Email if interested.

Thanks and 73      Craig   AC0DS

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