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  have a K1 #009304 band 40,30,20,15 mtrs for sale.  Asking $395.00(or make offer) plus shipping.  The K1 has
the ATU in it, no noise blanker or back light.  I only bought it about 3
weeks ago to try to run qrp mobile but not working out for me.  I am
wanting to get something different to try.  The only issue that I have
found with it was a clicking noise in speaker while sending code, but
ordered the Q10&  Q11 transistors and replaced them and all is well
now.  The K1 sounds great and I have made about 20 contacts on it.
Other than what I have mentioned no issues that I am aware of.  No power
cord with it.  I had to make my own.  I can send pics if someone would
like off of the reflector site.  If anyone is interested in the K1
please email me [hidden email].  Off of the reflector site.


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