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K1 - tuning range

Mike Morrow-3
Ray/W0PFO wrote:

> I have acquired a K1-4 with normal tuning range.  I would like to expand
> that so I can to the slow-pokes portion of 40.  If I understand
> correctly what I have found so far - I need to replace C2 on the front
> panel.  Is this correct?

I too have used the 160 kHz VFO span option for almost 11 years.  You'll
actually get almost 180 kHz span.

But...NO!  The capacitor that needs changing is NOT on the front panel board.
It is C2 on the main **RF board**, just forward of the VFO toroid L1.  Most likely
there is a 68 pF cap there right now.  It should be replaced with the alternate
120 pf NPO cap.  If you don't have that, get one from Elecraft parts.  It must
be a high quality device with proper temperature stability (NPO) or your VFO
will drift undesirably.

You will then need to use menu functions to change the band assigned to B2
from 10.1 to 10.0.

Next, recalibration of the four bands will be required, per the KFL1-4
four-band filter board manual.

> The next question would be - how do I get to the front panel? :-)

That's NA now, but as has been recommended, download all the appropriate K1
manuals from the Elecraft website.

I've used the 180 kHz span for the 11 years I've had a K1.  However, I do
put a few thin layers of home-made felt "washers" between the front panel and
the back of the VFO dial knob to provide some slight rotational resistance
that keeps the dial setting from being affected when I remove my fingers from
the VFO dial knob.  The VFO pot shaft has virtually no resistance, so I
would have done that, even if I'd used the 80 kHz VFO span option.

Mike / KK5F
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