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K2 Build issues Part III testing Page 74

Andrew UK
Hi All,

I have built up the K2 all went well, until I got to part 3, testing CW tones and tuning up for 2 Watts on 40M, 40M RX is sound.

The Menu button has stopped working all the rest work? I have traced the switch to Pin 6 on U2 and also check the pull up from RP1 is 100K all good. Menu is a bank one switch, the bank two switches work fine. I have the 160m board fitted but not cut the W1 wire yet as I was not to until the Radio was set up. Most odd I have rechecked J1 all looks good. It worked fine before I fitted the rest of the band pass filters, and the PA and Low pass filters, what could affect the menu button. XIT button works, but the frequency does not move, only with RIT presses.

I have attach a link wire to pin U2 pin 6 and see if it is changing state and it does from 4.95V to to 4.02 Volts. U2 Pin 11 ndoes the same and works. The switch checks out fine too
Andrew lenton G8UUG