K2 VFO dial calibration and CAL PLL step..

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K2 VFO dial calibration and CAL PLL step..

Hi All,

I’m re-doing the dial calibration of my K2 #6998 which I built well over 10 years ago. I’m re-reading W3FPR’s helpful instructions but it’s been a long time since I did the initial calibration and I have a question.  After completing the C22 adjustment step,  does CAL PLL need to be performed on each and every band?  Or is it run only on the band on which C22 was adjusted?  I can’t find any clear statement about this in Don’s notes, but maybe I’ve overlooked it?

My thought is that CAL PLL would need to be run on every band before moving on to the CAL FIL procedure in order that the lookup tables are written for each band?

Thanks for the advice.
John VK7KB