K2 vs K3 tuning on 10m

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K2 vs K3 tuning on 10m

I am not able to tune my K3S on 10 meters to a usable SWR level.  But I can with my K2.  Here's the comparison:

Power requested:  100W
         Frequency:  28.035                          
            Antenna:  Windom                         K2                    K3S
         SWR/Pout:   ------->                      1.1/96               3.4/47

Clearly the K2 will tune on 10m and the K3S will not.  The K3S tunes fine on all other bands.  At first I thought it was the antenna which is why I tried to confirm that with the K2, but I was wrong.

All comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Mike NJ2OM