K2 vs K3S power output on 160m

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K2 vs K3S power output on 160m

I am not able to get 100w out on my K3S on 160m.  But I can with my K2.  Here's the comparison:

Power requested:  100W
         Frequency:  1835.00                          
            Antenna:  160m Hybrid                  K2                    K3S
         SWR/Pout:   ------->                     1.2/105              1.1/67

Everything is configured the same for both radios, as noted above.  The K3S puts out 100w on all other bands.  The power out follows the requested power below 67w.  Since the 160m Hybrid antenna is a recent addition, I thought it was the problem.  I tried to confirm that with the K2, but I was wrong.  The K2 puts out more than the requested power to the antenna!

All comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Mike NJ2OM