KAT 500 my considerations and why not suggestion for the team

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KAT 500 my considerations and why not suggestion for the team

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I like very much KAT, it's fast shape and reliable for what I saw right now....but as I came from a Drake MN 2700 I strongly miss something indicating me at a glance if and how much RF power I'm really putting into the antenna. Previously I had a wattmeter now I've to trust the online rig instrument (online one because I use KAT with k3 or Orion or Drake via an antenna switch).
I'm thinking to buy an additional wattmeter (such as LP 100A for example) but meantime I wonder :
as the KAT knows itself direct and reflected power and as the utility can printout their values, should it be possible to have these values displayed somewhere else without having an application running and a USB port occupied ? For example :
- printed out in a dedicated device with a few line display (think to Arduino) that could be a sort of remote for KAT (including command buttons why not). This should be interesting for me as I located my KAT in a not so confortable position in my shack.

- or better, printed out on P3 screen during TX time (time in which P3 screen does nothing and stays freezed on the last image it had)

Thanks a lot for reading !

73 de Giorgio