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KAT500 remote?

I suspect this falls in Eric's court and won't get a response until he digs
out from under the "post-vacation blues" but add my voice to the requests
for any update information about a remote version of the KAT500 antenna


Any availability/delivery information would be great. Even negative info,
like "definitely not before 1/1/13" for example.


Of course, potential functional descriptions would be exciting, as well.


I know, I must have a masochistic streak as I wait patiently in the queue
for my ordered KX3 (March 2nd), and ordered KAT500 (Dayton). (That's still
on track for 15 AUG, right?)  And now I want to tee up another product to
wait for?  :-)  Oy vey! But, contest season approaches and decisions beg to
be made.


They say patience is a virtue so I must be very virtuous, or maybe I am the
exception that proves the rule?  ;)  (Take that however you wish!)


So here is a plea for any information that your business plan allows you to


Thanks and best regards,


Sean Logghe



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