KFL-2 Band Filter Board - Problem

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KFL-2 Band Filter Board - Problem

Bruce W1UJR
Just finished another K-1 build, but have a problem with the KFL-2, the 2 Band Filter board.
I had built this board for 80 and 15 meter use.

E27 message on power up
No relays clicking

Confirmed solder connections
Confirmed component placement
Confirmed plugged into all 3 sockets
U1 Voltage testing found 6 volts present on pin 14, no voltage present on pin 1
Removed U1 and inspected pins, all are full inserted into socket.

Defective U1 chip?

Does this make sense to everyone, or I have overlooked something here?
I don't have another 2 Band board for testing, but I did substitute a 4 band board,
which I built at the same time, it operates just fine.

Bruce J. Howes W1UJR

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