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KPA-500 AMP Question

Dave Anderson, K4SV
Hi All,

Still assembling my KPA-500  SN 436

I am at the stage of installing the transformer and actually have installed the transformer. Upon close inspection it appears that the front left (as viewed from the front) foot held to the chassis bottom using pan head screws may cause damage to the transformers windings.  The head of the screw closest to the transformer, is directly under the transformer and when the transformer is torqued down it rides on the screw.  The thin clear plastic wrap is the only thing keeping the wire from contacting the screw head.  Yes the transformer is up against the bumpers equally and installed per the manual rev d.

My plan was to take this amp on DXpeditions but it appears it would not last one trip before the winding breaks through and touches the screw.

Would anyone know if there is some preventative measures to keep the transformer safe?  It would be a shame to find the transformer/amp damage only to have it explode as you plug it in upon arrival to some rare DX place.

At the very least these two screws should be flat head screws and have countersunk holes.


Thanks in advance,

Dave Anderson, K4SV
Tryon, NC
 828 777-5088  
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