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Bill Levy

I am not a design engineer or a technician.
Simply a ham for 51 years or so.

I have always loved 500 watt amps. My first was a Collins 30L-1.
Still have it.
Bought the first 12 volt solid state amp from Trans World Communications.
Still have it.
Bought the Icom AT 500.
Still have it.
Bought the SGC 500 watt Power Cube.
Still have it.
Have the Ten Tec Hercules 2.
Still have it.
Using the HECK out of the KPA 500.

I have managed to blow up a 30L-1 or suffice to say some grid resistors died and had to be replaced.
I have used these 500 watt amps mobile into great and lousy excuses for antennas.

I have yet to blow up a 500 watt solid state amp.
Still waiting too. Must be possible.

So the blah blah about the KPA500 not being Mil Spec and having enough amp transistors is just blah blah.
It's nothing different then all the blah blah we here from the politicians who think we don't know the truth or history.

The bottom line is that my KPA500 works flawlessly. It faults into hi swr, it runs on 115 or so VAC and frankly there isn't much difference in the signal I get far and near compared to my 8877's.

Frankly, I compare the KPA500 to the Collins 30L-1. They were both compromises and they both work brilliantly.
Perhaps I can blow up the KPA500 running RTTY. Can't do that with a 30L-1

73 all,

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