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KPA500 #639 Now On The Air

Phil Hystad-3
Now there is another set of radio waves on their way to all parts of the Earth and the Universe tagged with that exceptional Elecraft Power Vector produced by yet another KPA500, serial number 639.

No problems, issues, or difficulties in putting this kit together.  And, my level of awe just increased another notch at the engineering and design that went into this kit -- I don't merely mean the electronics but also the mechanical layout, the form and fit of all the components, and the crystal clear instructions that show the way.

I just ran it through all of its tests using a dummy load and then hooked it up for a very quick CW QSO, 599 of course. As others have pointed out, using the KPA500 as a single button band switch for the K3 is kind of a nice little extra feature.

73, phil, K7PEH
K3, Serial #3799
KPA500, Serial #639
KX1, Serial # ??

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