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KPA500 - Modular and Upgradable..?

Dick Dickinson
...a couple of questions.

1) $/Watt?
2) Modular up to 2X power (or more)?


Elecraft and Owners could benefit from an amp that is available as a
K3-sized enclosure, complete with a power supply, RF deck and user
interface.  A 2nd, same-sized, but simpler enclosure with a power supply
inside and an RF deck to be installed where the power supply is located in
the initial KPA500 is a very appealing thought.  The power supply from the
original is removed and installed alongside the power supply in the 2nd,
simpler box.  An additional cable connects the new K3-sized power supply to
the K3-sized amp.

Those much more learned than myself, is 3X in two boxes the size of a K3

Dick - KA5KKT

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