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Richard S. Leary
To The Elecraft Team et al,

This is the time to order your KPA500. I did an on-line order late Sunday
evening, 24 June. It arrived 62 1/2 hours later, Wed, June 27.

The kit inventory was done (no missing parts), manuals read and understood.
The build went without any problems whatsoever and included

experience, carefullness, patience, and a lot of second time RTFM. It was
really a fun project.

It performs as expected. Absolutely NO anomalies.

My thanks to Elecraft, and I mention Wayne, Eric, and the parts packers
Edgar, Felicita, Fidel, and Stephanie. You folks do an excellent job. Again,
my thanks to the entire Elecraft team.

The KPA500 #930 now joins K3 #4497, and P3 #433, along with a SteppIR DB-18
antenna @ 50'. Never had an "S" line, but I do now have a "K-Line".

Oh yes, The KPA500's first two contacts were 1A0C on 20m CW & SSB.


Again, many thanks es 73,


"Rick" Leary, W7LKG

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