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KPAK3AUX Cable Setup

Dave Agsten
I'm having an issue with my RX antenna when using the Y-Cable that comes with the KPAK3AUX cable kit. I have the K3 with sub receiver, KAT3 and a PR6 preamp. I initially hooked up the Y-Cable on the back of the K3. One pigtail going to the KPA500 via the KPAK3AUX cable and the other pigtail with just pin 11 connected to the PR6. (DIGOUT1 to control the preamp when on six meters) The receiver went dead when switching to the RX ANT. The same rx antenna is connected via a switch to the sub RX and works fine. So it's not an antenna issue. I remove the Y-Cable and plug the DB15 plug for the PR6 into the K3 ACC jack. Everything works as it should. RX antenna switches in and out. The preamp turns on and off on 6 meters. When I put the KPAK3AUX Cable back in the ACC jack and leave the PR6 DB15 disconnected, the RX antenna works as it should but the 6 meter preamp does not. That's to be expected. I can't figure out just what the Y-Cable is doing. The DIGOUT1 on
 the K3 is on pin 11 of the ACC jack. That corresponds to the "Inhibit" input on the KPA500. I'd have to assume that something on the amplifier end is messing up the DIGOUT1 control line. Does anyone have a similar setup? Any issues?

Tnx es 73,

Dave N8AG
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