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KX1 For sale Relist

Sid Leben
Hi all,

I will be moving shortly and have to trim down my radio gear..
For sale is my KX1 in a Pelican 1060 case, includes:

KX1 With KXAT1 (Tuner, Internal), KXB30/80 (30/80m + wide band rcv), KXPD1 Paddle, CW Spot Indicator (N0SS). Two KX1 "Nifty Quick-Reference" Guides
Note: 30/80 module & CW Spot installed by Don, W3FPR
Case also includes: BNC/UHF female Adapter, BNC/Banana Plug (F) Adapter and BNC to Dual Banana Plug adapter.  $450, including freight, CONUS
Pictures available upon request.

Please contact me off List at:
[hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>

Sid Leben
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