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Michael Babineau-2
Phil :

Where the KXPD1 is really useful is if you ever decide to operate portabl somewhere without a  table (i.e. sitting in a lawn chair etc).
The nice thing about the KX1 / KXPD1 combo is that you can easily use it on a clipboard in your lap with the rig / paddles on top.

 I have a clipboard that is big enough to hold legal-sized paper and it makes a great lap-desk for portable operating, sitting
on the ground or in a camp chair . If I put a few sheets of  paper on it then I can just jot my notes down beside the rig and copy
 them to a proper log later.  Likewise I have used the same combo while operating from my car, with either a mobile antenna
or a portable antenna adjacent to the car.  You could still use a separate paddle with the clipboard but it is very
convenient to have the all-in-one package as it has a very small footprint.

Michael VE3WMB
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