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KX1 for sale

Tim jim
I ordered a kx1 a few months back intending on getting into the hobby.  Now it appears that I will not be able to start this project.  The kit is in perfect condition, in the original sealed bags.  It includes the following:

---------------------Order Summary-------------------------

Item Subtotal:    $529.80
Sales Tax:        $39.58
Shipping Cost:    $16.10
GRAND TOTAL:      $585.48

-----------------Individual Item Breakdown-----------------

Item Ref.   Price ea.   Qty.  Description

KX1         $299.95     1     Ultra Portable CW Xcvr.
KXAT1       $89.95      1     Internal ATU for the KX1
KXB3080     $69.95      1     30/80 m Adapter for KX1
KXPD1       $69.95      1     Plug-in Keyer Paddle for KX1

I will sell this for $450
Tim Nichols