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KX1 guide for non-builders

Craig Rairdin
I just finished building a KX1 for a friend and it occurred to me that you
pick up a lot of information about the radio during the build process that
could come in handy as an owner/operator of the radio. Unfortunately this
information is lost if someone else builds your KX1 or if you buy one on

I wrote up a little 3-page guide for my friend and thought some of you might
find it useful. I've posted it as a PDF on my site:


If you have trouble with the link just let me know and I'll send it to you.

The goal of the guide is not to repeat information from the manuals but to
help you find it. In some cases (such as a complete disassembly procedure)
there's nothing in the manual. In other cases (such as receiver alignment)
the procedure is split between two or more manuals.

Hope it's useful.


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