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KX1 in India

Tony Estep
Greetings from Hyderabad. I'm here for 3 weeks to teach (www.isb.edu, check
it out). I brought my KX1 and lithium batteries, and a couple of wires for a
rudimentary antenna.

I don't have a license (couldn't face the paperwork - if you think the U.S.
is bureaucratic, get yourself an Indian work visa), so all I can do is SWL.
So far I have heard no ham signals on the bands that my rx covers (20, 30
and 40), but I'm hopeful. Did hear some broadcast and other signals.

Virtually all the remaining countries that I still need are in this part of
the world, and most of them I've never heard even once, so it would be a
buzz just to hear the call signs. I'll post if anything exciting happens.
The KX1 is just perfect for this sort of thing.

Tony KT0NY
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