KX3 #051 and HDSDR record in All Asian

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KX3 #051 and HDSDR record in All Asian

Igor Sokolov-2
I am playing with HDSDR and my KX3 #051 in All Asian Contest. Here is
the recording of a few minutes in the contest made with HDSDR.
To listen to the stations I worked  tune HDSDR +7.4 KHz. My TX signal
is at 0 KHz on the scale. This is because RX shift of 8 KHZ is enabled
on the radio. I was running 5 watt into Hex beam 12 m up. The rate was
up to 120 QSO an hour. It could be even better but I had to send from
the keyer (no CW and PTT interface here yet) and  my sending with the
keyer is a bit rusty.
Here is the link. The file is 23 Mb


73, Igor UA9CDC
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