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[KX3] Limited-Time Holiday Sale

Cooler KX(TM) heatsink orders received between now and 2000 UTC on 15 December will ship for free to the USA and Canada.  Canadian orders will ship right away, while USA orders will ship in mid-December via USPS Priority Mail (unless back-ordered) and should arrive before Christmas.  Elaborating, USA orders will be processed immediately but will be batch shipped all at once at the end of the sale period.  (This is necessary because a round-trip to my local US Post Office takes me upwards of three hours on a good day.)

Oh and all international orders will ship for the flat-rate of $45.  Again, this holiday offer only applies to orders received through 2000 UTC on 15 December.

Visit http://www.ve7fmn.ca to place your order, but PLEASE NOTE that my website does not yet mention this sale, and it may or may not when you visit.

73 & Happy Holidays,
Fred  VE7FMN