KX3/PX3 and fldigi Frequency Discrepancy

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KX3/PX3 and fldigi Frequency Discrepancy

My PX3 and copy of fldigi are not in agreement on frequencies but only when I select PSK D Mode.  If I have the KX3 in USB mode and I use the VFO to tune to 14.999.000 MHz, I can see WWV at 15.000.000 on the PX3 and fldigi shows WWV at 15.000.000 as it should.  If I then switch the KX3 into PSK D Mode, the PX3 still shows WWV at 15.000.000 but fldigi shows WWV at 15.001.000.

When using fldigi and commanding it to switch to PKTUSB and BPSK31, traces on fldigi always show 1kHz higher than what I see on the PX3.  I have no doubt that the KX3 and PX3 are operating correctly but I'm trying to understand what is causing fldigi to display incorrectly.  Is there a configuration item I've missed?

Linux Mint 18.1
fldigi 3.23.01
rigctl, Hamlib

KX3 MCU revision 02.70
KX3 DSP revision 01.49
PX3 MCU Revision 01.48

Mike, KE0KAC