KX3 VFO tuning noise? Try using RX SHFT as well as VFO NR

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KX3 VFO tuning noise? Try using RX SHFT as well as VFO NR

wayne burdick
Dave (KK7SS) and others have discovered that setting menu entry RX  
SHFT to 8.0 rather than NOR is an effective way to further suppress  
VFO tuning noise. It can be used with VFO NR (ON) to virtually  
eliminate the tuning noise, at least on a small sample of KX3s tested.  
Or you may find that one or the other is adequate.

Both VFO NR and RX SHFT are per-band settings. They should only be  
used when really needed. On bands below 10 meters neither would  
normally be required because the tuning noise is well below the level  
of atmospheric noise. (Also, turning on RX SHFT disables dual watch,  
at least for the time being.)

We're continuing to work on improvements to VFO NR itself, but in the  
meantime, RX SHFT is a great work-around for those who need it.


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