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[MM] KRC2 questions

Brian - N5BCN
Hi All,

I recently built a KRC2 w/KRC2ACC option for my K2.  With a little help from others, it's up and running!  I'm using it to control a Top Ten Devices A/B coax switch.

I've upgraded the firmware to the latest (version 1.6).

A few questions:

1) One possible error found in the KRC2ACC manual: Page 4 says that HOLD F2, TAP F4 toggles the noise threshold On/Off.  I think is supposed to say it turns the NOTCH filter On/Off (at least that's what it does on my setup)?

2) Tapping the K2's VFO A/B button results in cw feedback corresponding to "rA0A" or "rB0B".  The manual is a little vague as to what this means.  I'm assuming the "r" stands for "receive" (versus "t" for "tx") but what does the 0A or 0B mean?

3) I LOVE the ability to use the KRC2ACC to perform multi-button K2 functions with its function keys (eg turning KDSP2 noise reduction on/off)!  However, it would be even FANTASTIC if we could either program or assign K2 functions or command sequences to the KRC2's function keys.  Is there a way to do this or perhaps this could be a future firmware/software feature?

4) My KRC2ACC does not like to be jumpered for the serial communication mode with the K2.  When it is jumpered for serial, the KRC2ACC dutifully reports on changes to the K2, but the function keys stop working (nothing happens when they are pressed).  Jumpering for auxbus communications fixed this problem.  Any ideas why this is?  The manual suggests that both serial and auxbus modes should work with the K2.

Overall, the KRC2 is a slick product with lots of possibilities and versatility.

N5BCN, Brian