Please use an accurate subject line in all postings.

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Please use an accurate subject line in all postings.

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ

Please change the subject line when replying to the list on a different topic the from the original  thread subject line.

The multiple off-topic posts under the 'Forums' subject were probably missed by many who just deleted the messages after seeing the 'Forums' subject line.

Also, please try to prefix the subject with the applicable rig, if appropriate. [K3]  [K2] etc.

Lastly, if there have been ten or more posts on a topic, please resist the urge to reply, in the interest of preventing emial overload for others. Voting 'me too' without adding additional information should also be avoided.

Eric  WA6HHQ
List Moderator, Playground Monitor, and Modulator

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