Problem - Elecraft K1 Low Power On 15 Meters

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Problem - Elecraft K1 Low Power On 15 Meters

Bruce W1UJR
Hello all,

Just finished up the KFL1-2 band board for my K1, selected bands 80 and 15 meters.

Base Line Info:
TX - Elecraft K1 serial 3052
Ant Tuner - No installed
Power supply - 13vdc
Dummy Load - Elecraft DL-1 - all measurements taken with this as load
Power Meter - Oak Hills Research (OHR) LM-2 0-10 watt reading unit

New KF1-2 board build, for 80 and 15 meters.
80 meters power output is fine, in fact it reads nearly 9 watts on the OHR LM-2 power meter.
15 meters is a different story, the most I can get it out of it is just over 1 watt, running off a 13vdc power supply.

Testing Done
I have another K1 unit here, switched the board into that, was able to get the 9 watts on 80 meters, and a solid 4 watts on 15 meters.
The only difference I can see between these two sets is that the K1 which has low output on 15 meters has the modification of a
capacitor for use on 80 meters - this is a Elecraft mod.
I checked and double checked coil winding counts and component values on the KFL1-2 board, all appear good.

Summary and Question
Since it does not bother in the other K1, have to assume it's something with my K1.
Suggestions on where to start?


Bruce J. Howes W1UJR

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