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Programming the K3

Peter Lock
Good day

The K3 Programmers Reference Manual (p6) contains an example of a pseudo-code segment that could be used to change the VFO A frequency, viz:

SendCommand( “FA;” )                                 // GET frequency of VFO A
StringF = GetResponse( TIMEOUT_100MS )      // wait for response; include a timeout, just in case
Display( StringSubset( StringF, 5, 12 ) )          // show MHz through Hz digits on PC screen
If( KeyboardInput = “+” )                             // up/down control could be a mouse click instead
SendCommand( “UP;” )                                // this is a SET command that moves VFO A up
If( KeyboardInput = “-” )
SendCommand( “DN;” )

I am interested to learn more about this sort of programming and would be grateful for any pointers to suitable (raw beginners) instruction material.

Thank you