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QRPworks ADIF Utility Update

Shel Radin KF0UR
Hi all,

Just a quick note to let all interested to know there is a new version of the free QRPworks ADIF Utility available (version 1.9).  The ADIF Utility is used to export your log in any of the QRPworks products to an ADIF file on your PC or Mac.

The Utility was enhanced based on a request from a SOTA operator (Tnx, Art HB9DCO) but is applicable to all operators, whether you climb a peak or not.  The enhancement is to add additional fields to make the ADIF file more compatible with existing ADIF to CSV file converters.

If you use a SideKar, Ham Central Terminal, or Key Log Go with your KX2, KX3, K3 or K3S, this enhancement applies to you.  No change to the SideKar, Ham Central Terminal, or Key Log Go firmware is required.  All of the changes are in the ADIF Utility.

It can be downloaded on the Support page at www.QRPworks.com.


Shel KF0UR