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Quick software note (W2, etc.)

Mike Markowski-2
In answer to emails about software I recently converted to Web Start
(link at Elecraft W1 software page), this quick post addresses recent
common questions.  Summarizing answers to the most common, especially
the first one:

- I'd love to provide W2 software but I don't own one.  Without one
present writing code for it while not impossible would be cumbersome
(needing email back & forth between an owner and me to see if it works,

- I'm a customer and not otherwise associated with Elecraft, so I can't
similarly convert firmware loaders and other software.

- There's a good chance I'll write some K3 software & even have some I
use regularly, but nothing I'd inflict on anyone in its present state.  
:-)  I'll post a note if & when I tackle something worthy of general use.

- While the code runs on major OSes, it's written in Java so I'm unable
to make Windows-only .EXEs.  (I might offer Java JAR file bundles for
download one of these days.)

I'll be emailing answers to more specific questions offlist as I catch
up with email.  Thanks es 73!

Mike ab3ap
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