RFI With KPA500 Full Output on 40m

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RFI With KPA500 Full Output on 40m

"Carl, KØTNT"
I live in a single family townhome (house with lots of HOA rules) and a
fan dipole in the attic. With the dipole oriented NW-SE, it was right
over my radio controlled garage door opener. Operation at 100 watts on
any band would turn on the light, but on 40 meters the door would try to
go up and down with my CW keying. The wiring to the opener couldn't be
worse from an RFI standpoint - two wire unshielded all over the garage
walls and ceiling.
I wound up with what we call the trivial solution in math - moved the
dipole to NE-SW and now 40 meters only turns on the light.
Not sure what there is about 40 meters but that is also the only band
that caused a little TVI on one of the TVs as well.  The XYL was not
Similar lack of humor to when I had a SB220 linear running parallel 450
feed to a G5RV and turned the call ID units into French! Instead of
"unavailable" it came up with "hors de ????". Sold the linear and went
back to coax.

73.14159..., Carl, KØTNT

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