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Re: For those at Dayton (KAT500) and about tuner cost

Bill K9YEQ
Based on the Elecraft tuner performance from all of theirs I have used in
the equipment I have owned, it is well worth paying more for the KAT 500.  I
have all the MFJ auto tuners and have had issues.  I currently own an
MFJ-998 which recently updated the firmware, but it has lots of room for
improvement.  I have had LDG, all are gone.

My parents (they have passed) taught me many years ago:  generally speaking,
you get what you pay for .  This was during the onslaught of big box cheap
crap.  This  is not about sticking with Elecraft, it is about quality,
customer service, design and upgradability.  

I have a THP HL-2.5KFx, it is quality, quality, quality.  It is very well
designed, etc.  If I was looking for a lower powered amp, I would go hands
down with the Elecraft Amp.  The Elecraft stuff is well designed.  My THP,
and I am only referring to the HL-2.5KFx, will stay in my shack.  I am not
interested in any of their other amps as they are not nearly the same in


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I agree the price is a bit higher than I would have liked to have seen.  
I am sure it will work far better than the MFJ and I don't think either will
handle the full output on 6m which the KAT500 will do or so I was told.  I
smoked my LDG the other day on 6m because I forgot they are only rated for
half power on 6m.

Mike W0MU

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