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I also encourage you to build it since none us KX1 owners really want to part with our KX1s unless desperate.

It does not take as long as the K2 although the 30/80 module is tricky.  Also recommend building and getting the 30/80 module at the same time to eliminate the rework of building it in two stages.  Also recommend to have all four bands over just two.

It is one of the coolest kits Elecraft makes.  You can really take it with you all the time.  

Ariel NY4G

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You wrote

> I must buy a KX1. I cannot resist any longer.
> I still am undecided as to a kit or an already built unit. If anyone has a
> built unit for sale please let me know. I am probably interested in spending
> around $300-$350 to get a good, clean, basic kit or one with a few options.
> Let me know.
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